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SGE Institutions had been started in 2000 with a mission to offer national and international standard education and academic skills to the rural children so to make them capable of utilizing every opportunity that expedite them a better and exalted future. They also envisage saving the rural children and youths who are in the dungeon of illiteracy, obliviousness, redundancy and exploitation to a world of learning, wisdom and astuteness.


The rural and urban areas? children dearth qualitative and competitive tutelage and learning processes due to which they are heaved out from the advanced and high level examinations and competitions. This occurrence also poses menace in securing an enhanced opportunity for a lively future. Instantly they stay back in their own world in distress and disappointment. This was the identical drive and stimulus led to the establishment of Sri Gowthami Junior College at Darsi in Prakasam District, Andhra Pradesh! Thus archiving this veracity and responding to the civic demand, SGEIs extended their services and mission to other needy areas too.


At SGEIs, we offer advanced and competitive teaching and education to all. We have our own focused and intensive activities and processes that are of innovative standards and levels at par with national or international. SGEIs give utmost care and responsiveness for the overall development of our each student with the help of qualified & experienced staff, sophisticated and native technology, tools, labs and curriculum. And extra-curricular activities, mental development, physical exercises, comprehensive understanding/knowledge development, progressive language skills, moral & national integration aspects, interactive activities for leadership, inter-personal skills, and of course; sports and games exercises are also being offered. At SGEIs we impart Vocational Trainings too. Accordingly SGEIs are devoted to create an educated and intellectual phalanx of tomorrow?s decision-makers, planners and executers on a democratic and constitutional platform for professional and personal growth and nation building. And thus at SGEIs lies the greatest and optimal choice and opportunity for each student and youth!

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