Who we are

Kanumarla Gunda Reddy belongs to a middle class agro-investment family of Nagulavaram village in Prakasam district; AP. Being a prosperous and studious student from childhood onwards, KG Reddy has a vision for assisting educational opportunities to his home district, which has many far-flung villages and educationally retrograde Mandals. During his schooling and college days, there was no good educational institution even for elementary education in Darsi or such Mandals. Coming from a remote village and agriculture family, he understands the necessity and predicaments of people. Thus right after his post-graduation, gathering like-minded people and starting the first college at Darsi at the tender youth age of 23 exemplifies his vision and mission!

He is one of the prominent educationalists in Prakasam district. His core competency includes a Masters in Philosophy, prolonged years of teaching, affiliations to leading educational development interventions/institutes/academies/groups and attendance in many seminars and trainings at state and national levels on education etc. Serving the SGEIs as founder and chairman since inception in 2000 and the present spread of group of institutions under SGURID Educational Society explicate and illustrate this young dynamic visionary?s allegiance and dedication for educational development

He has proved many times that he is more than a chairman of educational institutions, but a real sociable and compassionate man when he supported the relief and rehabilitation of natural calamities? Victims and providing scholarships to hundreds of socially, economically and educationally backward rural students and youths for education!!


Significant restructuring of the Learning Systems is taking place in response to the developments in the business and industrial segments and a major emphasis is being laid to fine-tune the students skills and knowledge. The emphasis is on preparing them to succeed in the evolving new environment that offers challenging opportunities. We are changing the orientation of the learning by increasing the level of interactivity at various levels through guest lectures, workshops and seminars.

To offer qualitative and quantitative learning to the urban as well as rural children and youth at par with national and international standards making them capable of seizing opportunities and prospects towards a gorgeous professional as well as personal life being virtuous citizens, planners and executers. We are committed to providing leadership and support for students and help them in their professional development.

Sri Gowthami Educational Institutions are being run under "Sri Gowthami Urban and Rural Integrated Development and Educational Society" registered with number 412/2000. The first institution of SGEIs was started in 2000; "Sri Gowthami Junior College" at Darsi in Prakasam district with few students. Offering best quality education and learning to the students, SGJC got highest ranking in examinations and in parent's response. Thus responding to the civic need, SGURIDES extended its institutional services to further elaboration of establishing "Sri Gowthami Degree College" in 2005. Understanding the lack of training colleges or institutions for the teaching and educationalist aspirants of Darsi and surrounding Mandals, SGEIs started "Sri Gowthami College of Education" in 2006, In accordance with the 1966 education commission's view, "For qualitative improvement of education, a second programme for professional education of teachers is essential", is believed and practised in true spirit at SGEIs. And thus SGEIs trained, up to now, hundreds of youth and aided to secure their ambitious jobs and realms. The year 2010 was one of the greatest memorable achievement years in the history of SGEIs, for it started it's much waited and desired Post Graduate College "Sri Gowthami PG College" in 2010 and in the succeeding year in 2011, SGEIs started PG Course in Mathematics.

In 2012, SGEI as the mission and vision convey, started "Sri Gowthami Junior & Degree College" at Yerragondapalem, Prakasam district, AP. The year 2013 was a golden year of achievement in the history of "SGURID&ES", for it could reach more needy areas, children and youth through establishing "Sri Gowthami Degree Colleges" at Santhanuthalapadu, Chimakurthy and Donakonda. And in the year 2014 SGEIs upgraded to PG Education in M. Sc Statistics and M. Com too to credit and services to the society. SGEIs offer all subjects in B. A, B. Com and B. Sc (all combinations) and PG courses in both English and Telugu Medium of instruction.

Sri Gowthami Educational Institutions during the course of past years scored well and were victorious in topping 1st and 2nd at district level. The academic performance of our students has all the while been prodigious encouraging, not just at the coming out in-flying colors in the public examinations, but at the overall development and personality. SGEIs understand the difference between "Wisdom" and "Knowledge" and focus on them alike in all our institutions. SGEIs are beholden to all the students, parents, faculty, departments and all associated with them. Looking back, the SGEIs are grateful and thankful to God Almighty for showering blessings without which nothing was possible to educate and guide thousands of rural and urban students and youths towards healthier professional and personal future. As the beauty and the lights of the diamond be realized in its fullness through a skillful cuts and polish, at SGEIs the prospective teachers are trained and guided to tap the inner potentials of the learners keeping them functional in academic as well as multicasts of life. Every student is corrected and guided by the faculty through interactive way and approach which are demonstrated and featured at SGEI. Sands of rural and urban students and youths towards heal their professional and personal future. As the beauty and the lights of the diamond be realized in its fullness through a skillful cuts and polish, at SGEIs the prospective teachers are trained and guided to tap the inner potentials of the learners keeping them functional in academic as well as multicasts of life. Every student is corrected and guided by the faculty through interactive way and approach which are demonstrated and featured at SGEI.

Sri Gowthami educational Institutions had been started in 2000 with a mission to offer national and international standard education and academic skills to the rural children so to make them capable of utilizing every opportunity that expedite them a better and exalted future. They also envisage saving the rural children and youths who are in the dungeon of illiteracy, obliviousness, redundancy and exploitation to a world of learning, wisdom and astuteness.

The rural and urban areas? children dearth qualitative and competitive tutelage and learning processes due to which they are heaved out from the advanced and high level examinations and competitions. This occurrence also poses menace in securing an enhanced opportunity for a lively future. Instantly they stay back in their own world in distress and disappointment. This was the identical drive and stimulus led to the establishment of Sri Gowthami Junior College at Darsi in Prakasam District, Andhra Pradesh! Thus archiving this veracity and responding to the civic demand, SGEIs extended their services and mission to other needy areas too.

At SGEIs, we offer advanced and competitive teaching and education to all. We have our own focused and intensive activities and processes that are of innovative standards and levels at par with national or international. SGEIs give utmost care and responsiveness for the overall development of our each student with the help of qualified & experienced staff, sophisticated and native technology, tools, labs and curriculum. And extra-curricular activities, mental development, physical exercises, comprehensive understanding/knowledge development, progressive language skills, moral & national integration aspects, interactive activities for leadership, inter-personal skills, and of course; sports and games exercises are also being offered. At SGEIs we impart Vocational Trainings too. Accordingly SGEIs are devoted to create an educated and intellectual phalanx of tomorrow?s decision-makers, planners and executers on a democratic and constitutional platform for professional and personal growth and nation building. And thus at SGEIs lies the greatest and optimal choice and opportunity for each student and youth!

Placements and Companies visited at Sri Gowthami College of Education, Prakasam
Placement Cell is an Integral part of the college. The colleges not only impart quality education but also ensure that the students secure suitable placements. EXPLORE IND visited the college campus and conducted Mega Campus Recruitment Drive. Many students attended for Interview and nearly 36 students have been recruited with an annual package of Rs. 2.00 lakhs & above. Our colleges constantly strive to make learning student-centric. Career counseling is provided to the students to facilitate their selection of proper vocational avenues. Private agencies are invited to hold placement Interviews on the campus. On other hand, the Placement Cell also selects eligible students and sends them for off-campus programs conducted by the companies from time to time. Several programs such as Personality Development Programs and Career Orientation Programs along with GDs, mock interviews, body language and etiquette, CV Writing, communication skills, paper presentations and other areas are designed to boost the student's self-esteem and to prepare them for professional arena.

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